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The residential architects of Sutton Suzuki Architects create innovative custom home designs that elevate the natural beauty of your site.

Founded in 1990, Sutton Suzuki Architects is an award winning team of dynamic and talented professionals. Our principals, Ron Sutton and Elizabeth Suzuki, offer more than 50 years of collective experience in innovative residential design. Our team combines the best of time-honored creativity with cutting-edge processes. Merging knowledge and talent, we work together with a collaborative spirit in service to every client. 

Meet our innovative award winning staff.




Founded in 1990 by the principals, Ron Sutton AIA and Elizabeth Suzuki AIA, our recruiting efforts have resulted in a team of professionals who possess a wide range of experience consistent with our emphasis on quality design and service to our clients. A close client alliance coupled with the diverse experience of our associates, leads to an intense exchange of ideas, a meticulous search for solutions and an innovative approach to your design.

Environmentally sound design has long been a hallmark of the firm, commencing with thoughtful site planning for natural ventilation and passive solar gain, and further incorporating sustainable features throughout the project. This experience enables the firm to provide clients with the very best in design and project management in many areas of the country – or world! Locally, our firm has designed custom residences in Marin, Napa, and Mendocino, as well as Atherton and Carmel Valley. We have also completed projects on the islands of Kauai and Hawaii, and designed homes in Jackson Wyoming.


Ron Sutton Partner

Ron has a rich understanding of traditional and contemporary structures. He has designed exclusive custom homes and sophisticated commercial buildings. His award-winning designs may be seen throughout the Western states.

Extensive construction background gives Ron Sutton keen insight into the building process. His precision and expertise facilitate construction activity and have won him recognition and respect throughout the industry. Ron is highly responsive to client needs and personally oversees the selection of materials to ensure that the resulting structure is energy-efficient, cost-effective and lasting. His passionate concern for craftsmanship and commitment to excellence result in outstanding residential homes. He is a Registered Architect in California, as well as in Hawaii and has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from North Dakota State University.


Elizabeth Suzuki AIA Partner

Elizabeth brings more than 30 years of professional experience to the firm. She has worked extensively in the areas of custom residential design, government and institutional architecture. Elizabeth Suzuki places an emphasis on quality design as well as service to her clients.  She finds that working collaboratively is the best way to find innovative solutions, which are progressive, yet timeless. Her proven skills in working with the myriad of complicated code and local planning requirements accelerate the process of approvals and permitting.

Elizabeth is highly skilled at understanding the problems, solutions and uniqueness of each project and then assembling the perfect complement of professionals. Her devotion to client service and her strong interpersonal skills enrich the client experience and enhance productivity. Elizabeth’s combined love of architecture, team leadership and efficient management ensure the timely completion of high-quality designs. She is a Registered Architect in California and received her BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati.


Carol Dockum

No one ever doubts Carol’s enthusiasm.  As a project manager she is supremely capable of managing multiple projects with ease and authority. 


Sam Teper

Noted for his determination and tenacious work habits, Sam brings his scrupulous attention to timing when it comes to meeting project deadlines.


Natalia Mattingly

Known as a jack-of-all-trades, Natalia excels in collaborating on a wide variety of aspects during the design process and throughout the entire project. 


Tracy Kent

Tracy maintains a sense of calm no matter how hectic the moment.  He is equally capable in design presentation and construction documents. 


Leili Tavassoli

Our newest team member, Leili approaches each of her tasks with an energetic and positive attitude. Her incredible focus is appreciated by all. 


Gail Janin

As the backbone of the office, Gail supports partners and staff alike to improve the level of service to all of our clients. 


Alexandra Rose

A talented project designer, Alex is known for her sense of design and attention to every detail throughout each project and her commitment to sustainability.